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11-14-11:   On Reverb Nation, I’m #108 in Tampa on the RnB/Soul charts!!!  That’s without trying.  Coming up next, trying!!!  Lol!!!  Check out my song, Just2Nite featuring G-Nas-T and J-Rock here:http://www.reverbnation.com/whoisanthony

1-5-11:  2010 was a great year, musically and 2011 is setting up to be even better.  The song Just2Nite is in rotation in Orlando Fl and is getting good reviews.  There will definitely be more music coming from J-Rock and I, as well as tracks featuring G-Nas-T, (Caine of Coldnote), Jim Hurtz, E-NYSE and more!!!  The mixtape is underway and will include production by: G-Nas-T and Wes Styles!!!
9-15-10:  I just confirmed that Romane Simon will be providing the rap for my song, Just2Nite!!!  The song, written and performed by me, and produced and featuring G-Nas-T, is already a fan favorite!!!  The song will have a video shot and will be performed live on 9-26-10 at:  Club Escape featuring Little Italy (Disney channel), Spice Connection, jazz legend Nikki Kidd band, Tony, C-jaslyne and more!!!  Doors open at 7pm!!! All ages welcome!!!  Club Escape is at: 8421 south Orange Blossom Trail Orlando FL 32809!!!  More to come soon!!!
8-18-10:  I've been working with a few people to get things together, most recently, my Uncle Raymond Massey.  I'll be collaborating, soon, with: my son, D Smoov, Rich Keen and Jim Hurtz!!!  Keep checking back for more updates!!!
6-11-10:  I'm in the studio working with G-Nas-T on new tracks.  I've done 2 so far and expect to do more.  Also, be on the look out for the next Wes Styles cd.  The track, Foolish Nights, on the Betamax Collection cd released last year was well received, and we have already cowritten a follow up track.
4-5-10:  G-Nas-T's newest mixtape has been released and features a track that I cowrote with him (Packed House) as well as one I'm featured on (U Can Call Me).
Be on the look out for the CD, available now on iTunes also.
11-30-09:  I'm talking with local director, Joe Sanchez (Imported Affairs), about shooting a video for my song: Just2Nite.  More details to come soon.
10-22-09:  I'm working on a new track with G-Nas-T called: I can't wait another lifetime.  Be on the lookout for that coming soon.  Also, if you check my myspace.com page, you'll be able to hear the track: Just2Nite featuring and produced by G-Nas-T.
1-22-09:  It's been awhile since I've added an update here.  Sorry about that.  Wes Style's album, the Beta Max Collection was released in 2008 and well received.  It had the song on it entitled Foolish Nights, that was cowritten by Ken Anthony II and Wes Styles.  It also had a small sound bite, that was uncredited to Anthony, at the beginning of track 2 as well.
In January 2009, the G-Nas-T Heels Tall EP mixtape, was released, featuring Anthony rapping on 2 tracks (We Drank and Do What You Do, respectively) as well as co-writing, and providing back up vocals on, a few more.  The mixtape CD also features Tom G, E-Nyse, Dapp, 2-Tone and O.D., with production by G-Nas-T, Unk Traxx and Southern Pride Productions.
Also, in December of 2008, Anthony wrote and recorded Just2Nite, produced by G-Nas-T, which has been garnering good reviews from those that hear it.  The completed version will feature E-Nyse.
Anthony is hard at work on his upcoming solo album and group album.  The solo album, Facets of a Man, will include appearances by G-Nas-T, O.D., Terry Massey and Caine along with N.D. on a selected Vintage track.  It will also have production by G-Nas-T (Dapp, Black Reignbow family), Sir Jase f.k.a. Ja Bone (A.D.O.R.), and Wes Styles.
Anthony was recently in Miami with Terry Massey for another photo shoot on the beach.  The results of this will be available on the pictures page soon.
Anthony is currently in the studio working on a track for the Spotlight mixtape, as well as having cowritten the song, Heata Head Alert, for Dapper Dans upcoming album from SOM Records.  Anthony will also have a track that he co-wrote with Wes Styles on Wes' new album from Jecarco Records.

All other news:
5-1-12: This is shaping up to be a busy and productive year on multiple levels.  I have about 14 movie/t.v. related projects, as of now, scheduled and I've already completed a few.  That's not counting Producer, Directed, Writing or any other credits...just Acting.  Let's see how it all comes together by the end of the year!!!
11-21-11: This was my most recent upcoming plans,
"Getting ready to attend the Florida Film Network meeting, along with the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association meeting, this week, along with doing some drawing and catching at least one show at the Improv!!!"

I'll be getting a lot of drawing done this week.  I focused on my story for Japan Needs Help (which is now completed in regard to my part), as well as story writing in preparation for comics and short films to come!!!  You can check out more about Japan Needs Help here: http://japanneedsheroes.com/creators.html?utm_source=Megacon+Japan+Needs+Heroes+List&utm_campaign=c7b949bfd9-Japan_Needs_Heroes_Invite4_11_2011&utm_medium=email

8-18-10:  I'm going to be at the Indy III book signing 8-21-10 and will be at the Odd Con the weekend of 10-8-10!!!  You can get more information regarding that at their website: www.tampabay-oddcon.com .
6-11-10:  There's quite a few films currently in post production and some in production.  As of now, Street Villains has wrapped and I'm all in the first trailer that has been released.  The movie is now in post production.  Wasband is still in production and I will be shooting my last scene for that in a few weeks.  As Night Falls and UnExpecting are both in post production as well and, while the former has a trailer out already, the latter should be getting one soon, I've just been informed by the director.
4-5-10:  I just got word that the Chip will be coming out soon, premiering at the Baywalk Muvico on 4-18-10.  Along with that, I'm getting ready to start working on 2 indy features, Wasband and Street Villains.    I just finished filming the feature, As Night Falls (directed by Joe Davison) and the short, Life Triangle (directed by Joel Bates).  More on these projects as info becomes available.
11-30-09  I've been staying pretty busy!!!  I recently shot my role in the short film, the Chip, as well as appearing as an extra in the feature length film, Blood Song by Sidney Majurie.  I just picked up my picture that was digitally painted by Rob Richardson, and sent it in to be included in the ICCW Anthology 2010.
10-22-09:  There's been a lot going on to catch everyone up on.  Since my last entry, regarding UnExpecting, I've also been an extra in the local films: Caged Dreams by the Paul and Pete Guzzo (Charlie Wall) and produced by Joe Davison (100 Tears), Imported Affairs by Joe Sanchez and Saving God written by Ron Johnson.  There will be more news soon about upcoming projects.
  I just started a Twitter account, so everyone that is into that can follow me there and on Facebook.  My twitter account is: twitter.com/anthonyartist and you can facebook is: facebook.com/whoisanthony.
6-08-09:  Post production has begun on the independent feature film, UnExpecting produced by Silent Heat films.  Ken acts as a bartender in the reunion scene.  More information available soon.
1-22-09:  Filming has been completed for the movie Weatherby by Shawn Bach, co-starring Ken Anthony II.  Bringing in the new year, Ken has also been invited to act in the internet television series, Galaxy Revelations, a spin off of Not of this World: Survivors of Rimec.  More information on this interesting development soon.
4-30-08:  I started filming for my new movie, Bite Down Hard, on 4-27-08.  I play one of the co-stars, named Walter, alongside local actress, Mella Dixon, Shawn Bach and more.
3-5-08Not of this World: Survivors of Remic is in the last stages of post-production and should be released soon.  I've also been given the co-starring role of Walter in the local independent film: Bite Down Hard being made by Emo Neemo productions.
12-5-07:  The short movie, Not of this World: Survivors of Remic, based on the Christian comic of the same name and directed by Joel D Wynkoop, should be released in early 2008.  I was Blessed to have a small part as an extra in the movie.



5-1-12:  My sketchbook, along with the newest issue of Predatory Ways (#3), in which I both had the newest chapter of the Killer story, along with a story entitled Addiction (with art by Ralph Bednarski) that I wrote!!!
6-11-10:  The sketchbook is still in progress, but the latest artwork actually comes by way of film.  I was contacted by my friend, Doug Vater, with Vater Entertainment Films to do a prop comic for his fan film, Jason vs Ash.  I drew the cover and the two interior pages requested and Rob Richardson (Dragon Cross), my Artistic License Studio compadre, digitally painted the cover and provided the lettering.
 4-5-10:  I'm working on a few upcoming projects, but the one closest to fruition at this time is my 1st solo sketchbook.  It's being edited now by my studio mate, Jon Barth, and should be available at conventions and by mail soon.  I have a few pictures in the Divine Destiny sketchbook, just released by Lee Fails through Artistic License Studio.  Also, look out for upcoming work in Predatory Ways, Solo Shots and some collaborations with Wet Ink Studio and some other indy companies.
10-22-09:  While I am still working on more material for my solo sketchbook and putting the finishing touches on the Killer story for Predatory Ways and Graves story for Solo Shots, I was able to contribute a picture for the Tampa con Christmas special featuring my character Chill and colored by Rob Rhine (Maniacal Smile).
4-30-08:  I, and some other local creators, are putting out an anthology for Free Comic Book Day, featuring a new creation written and drawn by me, named Mr. White.
3-5-08:  Predatory Ways is finally coming out in March of 2008, just in time for Mega-con.  Outside of creating the concept, I also wrote and pencilled 2 stories.  I also have work inside the AL Studio Galleria Sketchbook IV, also available.
12-5-07:  Coming early in 2008, Pacesetter Presents # 1, through Tony Lorenz Productions, along with Predatory Ways # 1 and my own sketchbook through Artistic License Studio.
I'll soon have a book coming out from Tony Lorenz Productions.  It will boast a story for his Futuro Tierra series that I wrote and did the rough layouts for as well as some pin-ups of his characters and a story featuring my character Killing Joke that he inked for me.
I will soon be releasing some books through Artistic License Studio.  The first of these will be the Chill one shot, collecting my strips for the character, both old and new, followed soon by my very own sketchbook, and then a vampire anthology entitled Predatory Ways.

5-1-12:  I've been invited to both Free Comic Book Day and the Grand Opening for Comic World in Largo!!!  Repping for Artistic License Studio, Adonis Charles will be there also.  Be sure to stop by and gets ome free comics and say hi.
9-7-11: It's been confirmed that I, and Stan Zubrin, will be at Megacon 2012 in the yellow section, representing Artistic License Studio with the most current books, movies and merchandise!!! 
8-18-10:  I'll be at the Indy III book signing at Heroes' Haven this Saturday, 8-21-10!!!  Come by and say hi, get a sketch and/or pick up some of my and the Artistic License books!!!  The address is: 14306-C North Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa FL 33618. 
11-30-09:  Megacon 2010 is coming soon!!!  Expect to see me and other Artistic License Studio creators there, including: Matt Fair, Gary Culler and Lee Fails!!!
10-22-09:  Be on the lookout for myself and Rob Richardson (Dragon Cross) at the Tampa con on 11-7-09.
4-30-08:  I'll be at Comic World this weekend in Clearwater for the Free Comic Book Day book signing.
3-5-08I'll be at Mega-con in Orlando this weekend, 3-7-08 through 3-9-08.  Come holla' at ya'boy and the AL Studio crew. 
Anthony has 2 more book signings coming up.  I'll be at the Tampa Convention 11-11-07 at the Double Tree with Artistic License Studio and then on 12-22-07 will be at Comic World with the studio for a book signing.
Anthony, N.D. and Jari had a joint birthday party at Empire on 10-20-07.  Thanks to those that showed and for those that didn't, be there next year.
On 8-25-07, Anthony acted a small part in the Christian comic book short fil, Not of This World: Survivors of Remic, directed by Joel Wynkoop.
This was after showing at a book signing at Comic World with Artistic License Studio.  Also in attendance were: Kashim, Gary Dreslinski, and Adonis.
On 8-19-07, Anthony appeared at the Tampa con with Artistic License Studio.
 I'll be at the Tampa con with Artistic License Studio on 8-19-07.


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