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Here's a list of the Comic Books/Graphic Novels I've done:

SoloShots #1 Vol. 1 1993 (self publised under New Era comics-writer/artist)
Chill strip for USF school newpaper, the Oracle.
Various covers and Chill strip for Sampler fanzine
MegaCon 2005 pamphlet (uncredited thumbnail listed by inker Tony Lorenz)
Predatory Ways # 1 (writer/artist)
Predatory Ways # 2 (writer/artist)
Predatory Ways # 3 (writer/artist)
Tampa Bay Independent Comic Anthology (writer/artist)
Solo Shots #1 Vol. II (writer/artist)
Solo Shots # 2 Vol. II (writer/artist)
AL Artistic License Gallery Vol. I (penciller)
SPS Rap Sheet # 123- Chill strip
AL Artistic License Gallery Vol. II (penciller)
AL Artistic License Gallery Vol. III (penciller)
AL Artistic License Gallery Vol. IV (penciller)
AL Artistic License Gallery Vol. V (penciller)
SPS Rap Sheet # ? (inker)
Prop comic for Jason vs. Ash (penciller)
Ken Anthony II's Sketchbook Vol. I (penciller/writer)
*PPFSZT! issues (Main Enterprises) (writer)- Sniper
Steampunk Originals Vol. 3 (Arcana) (writer)- The Cross
Untitled Public Domain anthology (Public Domain Heroes) (writer)- Imminent Domain and State of the Union

Upcoming Bizness!!!
Hard at work on the comic front, writing a new submission for Steampunk Originals and scripting and getting ready to pencil a story featuring Alias X and Liberator for an upcoming Public Domain anthology...oh yeah, and writing another story for Tony Lorenz featuring The Clock and prepping for a new weekly web series featuring Tony Lorenz' concept comic Futuro Terra!!!  2014 is going to be crazy busy.

Here's the link to the Sniper weekly web series started in 2013. This takes you to the first installment. Enjoy reading them all!!!

Here's a checklist for traditional Novel's that I've written for:


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